Many people want to watch movies and TV series online completely free of charge. As it turns out, not everyone knows that this is possible, without a paid subscription. The problem is exactly finding the right site where you can watch entertaining video content for free and safely. That's exactly what 123movies was created for.

What is 123movies

123Movies is a media platform where you can watch free movies and TV shows in 1080p quality without registration. This site is very convenient for watching videos online and has all the features you need for this. Also, 123movies allows you to add movies and TV shows to your favorites, put scores after you watch them that form a user rating, and the site has other rich functionality. 123movies itself is a brand under which several sites operate, but it's our site that's the real 123movies and where you'll find a full collection of movies, from the oldest to the newest Hollywood blockbusters.

Is 123movies safe?

Our platform is completely secure and works with SSL encryption for both incoming and outgoing traffic. So you have the peace of mind that your ISP or the government will find out you are visiting 123movies. The content on the site is perfectly safe - it's text, pictures and videos. We will not ask you to download any software or install browser extensions that might spy on you or send sensitive data in unauthorized ways. We will never ask you to install anything to watch a movie or TV show. We have also made sure that all of the site's functionality is available without registration. That way you can't compromise yourself in any way.

Also, we don't use logging of user sessions - this means we don't store data which can be compared with what IP address the user came from, what content he was watching and how long he was doing it.

Why 123movies is so popular

The 123movies platform gained rapid popularity in 2017, almost as soon as it appeared and for many years it has been very popular. The main reason for its popularity, is the catchy name, which is now associated with a platform that allows people from anywhere in the world to watch movies and TV shows for free. The main advantage is that there are no paid subscriptions. Access to content is completely free. The second important fact is the speed of video downloads and the quality of video. Our servers are fast and deliver video instantly. You don't have to wait for the download to start and the 1080p quality of almost all movies will please any viewer.

The functionality of the 123movies site

The basic functionality of the site is simple: on the movie page you will find the player and, when you click on play, the movie or TV series will start. If you look more closely at the 123movies platform, you will see that the site has many other different features. The search is the most important thing on the site. With it, you can find a film, series or episode. The first thing users do on the site is type the name of the movie they're looking for into the search bar.

Menu with selections of the best movies - if you're interested in movies of a particular genre or year or a selection of movies by any criteria, you can search through the menu and maybe you'll find something interesting for yourself. Light off functionality - if you're not watching a movie at full screen, a "light off" feature that darkens the background of the site will be very useful. Similar Films Block - Based on the rating and genre of the movie, our system picks up similar movies that you'll be interested in, too.

How to watch movies on 123movies

To watch a movie on 123movies, you'll need to find it first. To do this, there is a search bar. Using the search, finding a movie on our site is easy. Then, on the movie or series page, find the block with the player and select the server from which you want to watch the movie. We recommend that you try all of the options so you can find the most comfortable player for the future. After that, you can press play and the movie will start playing.

Are there any movies available in 1080p quality at 123movies?

One of the great advantages of 123movies is that all of the new releases are available only in 1080p quality. If you like clear pictures and good sound, you'll get the most out of watching movies on 123movies in this quality. Unfortunately, not all movies on 123movies are in this high quality, but we change dozens of movies every day for better quality.

Can I watch on 123movies on smartphones and tablets?

Our platform is adapted for comfortable use on tablets and smartphones. The elements are made with Bootstrap technology, so the 123movies interface is equally usable on all devices.

Is it legal to watch movies on 123movies

The answer is yes, it is legal until proven otherwise. It's just as legal as watching videos on Youtube or other online streaming platforms. In some countries, sites like 123movies are blocked at the access level through providers. Using a VPN it is possible to access such sites. It does not say that using the site is illegal on the part of the user, it just shows that some content on the site is considered by the authorities of the country in question to be illegal.

Is there an official 123movies app?

The official 123movies app for the Andriod platform is currently in development and will be available soon. We will let you know on our site.

Benefits of 123movies

Below will be listed all the advantages of the 123movies media platform that make our site so popular worldwide.

  1. All content is available without a paid subscription.
  2. All new movies and shows now available at 1080p quality.
  3. All movies are available with subtitles.
  4. All movies and TV shows are available in English.
  5. A large number of top movie selections by genre and subject matter.
  6. User-friendly interface of the platform.
  7. Quick and functional search.
  8. Each film and series is presented with full information: plot, actors, directors, IMDB rating.

How to bypass website blocking

If 123movies is blocked in your country or your internet provider blocks the traffic from our website, do not despair and run to buy a Netflix subscription. Keep in mind that none of the paid media platforms have as much content as 123movies. Any such blockage is easily circumvented with a VPN. There are so many kinds of VPNs nowadays and you can choose any. The main thing is that the connection point to the VPN server is outside of your country.

Installing a VPN usually takes no more than 2-3 minutes, then it's ready to use. Most of these programs are free, but connection speeds can be slow due to the large number of users. We recommend taking a paid VPN, it usually costs $40-50 per year and allows you to choose entry points around the world.

Why 123movies may not be accessible

It sometimes happens that the 123movies website is unavailable. This can happen for the following reasons:

  1. The site is blocked in the country by your Internet service provider. The way to solve this is to install a VPN.
  2. The site is experiencing technical difficulties. The way to solve this problem is to wait a little bit. We are most likely already aware of the problem and are working on solving it.
  3. Problems with the internet connection on your side. Solutions to this problem are to reboot your router, check if your ISP is paid, or to call your ISP, because the problem might be on their side.
  4. Problem with display in a browser. Solution - some browsers incorrectly display our website content. We recommend only using Google Chrome. It is available on all platforms and works almost flawlessly.

The legality of the site 123movies

Despite the fact that many people claim that 123movies is an illegal platform, this has not yet been proven. The 123movies site itself does not contain any copyright infringing files on its servers. All videos are embedded from other platforms and so any questions about legality should be addressed to them. We only host publicly available content on our site.